New Publication: The Stone Maitreya of Leh

I’ve decided to put small announcements of my new publications here, along with the longer topic posts. There won’t be too many of them, and I promise to keep them short! So, just out is my article co-written with André Alexander, “The Stone Maitreya of Leh: The Rediscovery and Recovery of an Early Tibetan Monument” in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Here’s the abstract:

The rediscovery, conservation and repositioning of an ancient stone carved Buddha in Leh, Ladakh is one of the most important events in recent years for students of early Tibetan history and religion. Uncovering an inscription next to the carving has made it possible to date this artefact to the eleventh century or even earlier, while deciphering the inscription has confirmed that the figure should be identified as the Buddha Maitreya. This identification permits a better understanding of how the cult of Maitreya among of the emperors of imperial Tibet extended to western Tibet, and how the Maitreya images of western Tibet represent a specific local iconography.

You can download a PDF of the article by clicking here.