New Publication: Old Tibetan Texts in the Stein Collection Or.8210

Just out — a new catalogue of 88 Tibetan manuscripts from the Dunhuang cave, held here at the British Library but previously neglected because they were catalogued in the sequence dedicated to Chinese Dunhuang manuscripts (Or.8210). This catalogue was begun by Tsuguhito Takeuchi of Kobe University, who passed it on to Kazushi Iwao, who worked with me directly on the manuscripts at the British Library. The catalogue includes some manuscripts that I have previously written about here, such as this divination text, this text on bon-po funeral rituals, and this fragment of the Testament of Ba. The catalogue is the first in a new series published by the Toyo Bunko: Studies in Old Tibetan Texts from Central Asia. You can download PDF files of the whole book at the Toyo Bunko’s website, here.